Interpretation of ValExp
We propose the following seven types of personality to help you in the interpretation of the results. There are many applications of these ideas: to communication, conflict management, motivation, etc. If you have any questions, or if you wish to deepen your understanding of the applications please do not hesitate to contact us.

On the triangle, you will see a pin. The head of the pin represents your value system in peacetime, when all is going well. The point of the pin represents your first stage of conflict - your first attempt at resolution at the outbreak.

The brief descriptions below are just a small part of the
interpretation that will be completed by your trainer.

Red : In general, people with this profile feel best about themselves when they are directing others. They like competition and sometimes have a tendency to act before thinking. The like the leadership role and they like to win.

Yellow : The yellows prefer logic, reason and structure. Justice and sticking to their principles are, for them, primordial. They take the time to analyse a situation before acting. The Yellows like their independence and often prefer to work alone, at least in the beginning, to have the time to consider the affair before sharing their ideas with others.

Orange : The range profile is a mixture of the Reds and Yellows. That is to say, their values are relatively equally distributed between the red and yellow. For example, they like competition and winning, but not at any price - they want a good strategy. They like leadership, but their motivation is the rational improvement of their work rather than leading, per se.

Blue: The Blues are very sensitive to others. They do not like to be a burden to others and, in general, they take the time to help and protect others even at the expense of their own work.

Green : The Greens are a mixture of blue and yellow. They like their independence, want to help them, and the best scenario for them is to help the others become independent.

Purple : The Purples are a mixture of blue and red. They like winning, like helping others, and thus are rewarded by helping others win or attain their own goals.

Rainbow : The Rainbows are a relatively equal mixture of all three primary colors. For them, every situation has its own characteristics and calls for its own solution, often calling on any or all of the colors. They enjoy harmony, equilibrium and strive to maintain balance in their surroundings. They are team-players and, if a particular color is missing in their team, they will adapt their approach to provide the missing balance. They like options and dislike being presented with solutions and decisions already made and finalized.

At the outbreak of a conflict:
A red conflict style will immediately respond to the challenge with an active counter-attack and defense.
A yellow conflict style is to take prespective on the problem and analyse the causes of the outbreak.
A blue conflict style is to first take care of the interpersonal relationship with the other before taking other measures.
For the mixtures, the strategy to deal with the outbreak of conflict is a blend of the two neighboring colors the choice of color depends on the conflict and the individual's preferences.
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